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On deciding that silk would become the main fabric throughout our collections, Xéo Xọ did toss and turn at nights. Basically, silk is truly not easy to please, it requires carefulness and gentleness from its wearers. However, it gradually receives a lot of attention and love from Xéo Xọ’s supporters and has become our buddy in every new lookbook. This material once again affirms its high sense of comfort and fluffiness when dressed. Such a relaxed feeling, isn’t it?

It is this unique characteristic of silk that needs attentive and moderate caring and wearing in order to avoid unexpected scratches and creases. And Xéo Xọ is honoured to become an associate of Comfort in the premiere of its new liquid detergent that first came to Vietnam.

This premium product would take good care of fabrics that is demanding for special laundry including silk due its delicate bleachability, moreover, it also helps increase texture endurance and smoothness, as well as prolong fragrance lastingness.

Let’s enjoy your silk, Comfort is right here to help!

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