Thi Collection

A lot of you are wondering why our new collection is named THỊ, aren’t you?

In the old-time, Vietnamese women always had their middle name as Thị and this so-called tradition continues until now. In Sino-Vietnamese vocab, Thị mean woman so having this word in children’s names is simply to distinguish between boys and girls. Nowadays, some dislike it because they think it is a bit cheesy and belongs to the countryside culture. But to us, it represents a distinctive culture of the Vietnamese that is worth treasuring. We hope that we women are always proud of the names you’re given for it contains meaningful wishes and expectations of your parents.

Finally, after a few months aborning, we would love to introduce to you all our latest collection – THỊ. 4 signature designs of THỊ: Điệp, Xuân, Liên, Huệ are our way of elevating the beauty of Vietnamese women.

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