Being asked about the special meaning behind the word “Xéo Xọ”, we can hardly explain
because in Vietnamese, it originally has no meaning at all.
It is you who come up with your own definition by the
way you wear and feel Xéo Xọ. It is up to you to interpret
and create your own concept; we only provide the
raw materials.

Nhiều người nghĩ Xéo Xọ là một từ gì đó mang ý nghĩa đặc biệt, thực ra trong Tiếng Việt, đó vốn là từ không có nghĩa. Chị mặc Xéo Xọ, hiểu Xéo Xọ như thế nào thì chính là ý nghĩa như vậy, hãy giữ suy nghĩ và định nghĩa đó cho mình ạ.

Our Story

It was such aspontaneous idea! We, Hương and Hằng, came up with it on an ordinary day. We were walking around the streets of Hanoi thinking what we should do. Simply, we wanted others to have well-made and well-designed clothes to wear. Thus we decided to design clothes and Xéo Xọ was born!

Not following any trend, we just want to provide comfy and be-yourself pieces of clothing. With the hope for young women to augment their femininity, confidence and self-love, our designs are mostly made from delicate and loose materials. We hope you will always have good feeling and feel intimate in our clothes and continue to love us.

Câu chuyện Xéo Xọ

Xéo Xọ thành lập ngẫu nhiên bởi Hương và Hằng, trong một ngày bình thường ở Hà Nội, chúng tôi đi bên nhau và nghĩ mình nên làm gì đó, suy nghĩ lúc ấy rất đơn giản, muốn làm quần áo, muốn ai cũng có đồ đẹp để mặc.

Chính vì thế, Xéo Xọ không theo xu hướng nào quá đặc biệt, chúng tôi chỉ muốn làm ra những chiếc váy áo mang đến cho bạn cảm giác thoải mái và là chính mình hơn. Mang theo tâm niệm đó, các thiết kế của chúng tôi phần lớn được làm từ những chất liệu nhẹ nhàng, thoáng mát đủ để khiến bạn cảm thấy mình là con gái, mình thu hút và mình yêu bản thân, vậy thôi!



10 Hội Vũ, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm District
Phone: (+84) 39 525 66 15

XÉO XỌ Sài Gòn

43 Đặng Thị Nhu, Nguyễn Thái Bình, District 1
Phone: (+84) 90 284 25 21


43 Đặng Thị Nhu, Nguyễn Thái Bình, District 1
Phone: (+84) 90 284 25 21


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    The more members, the happier the home, isn’t it? Gratefully, Xéo Xọ does have a lot of brothers and sisters, so there are many stories to tell. Thiều Anh, one of our shop assistants who is in charge of taking online orders, would like to relate her most memorable one.

    Being a salesperson or an online shop assistant is all about providing and serving customers, professionally. Unfortunately, you have to act nice and kind even towards most annoying shoppers. However, some cute ones might save the day, and reviving these sweet memories is really pleasant to me. Xéo Xọ makes clothing for women so shoppers are mostly female, there are some unisex pieces though. And often have I had the chance to talk and give advice to guys who wish to buy our clothes as gifts.
    The other day, a guy messaged Xéo Xọ in advance to ask whether the Striped Baki Pants, size XS, was still in stock. Luckily, there was one left. Yet he had some stuff to take care of by that evening, so he kindly requested me to keep it for him till then. Apologetically, I couldn’t grant it because of it was a matter of Xéo Xọ policy. He guaranteed to come over by 7 p.m. sharp to take it, and I was so convinced by his steely determination that I decided to fulfil his wish.
    At 7pm sharp, he arrived with his girlfriend while I was hanging around storage room. Giang, my colleague, was at the cashier table. The girl asked if there was any in size XS left, “Sorry, someone already ordered it”, said Giang. Only when this guy wondered if his girlfriend could try it on did I realize he was the one to persuade me earlier that morning. So I hinted at Giang to usher the girlfriend to the fitting room, while I stayed and had him confirm my realization.
    The girlfriend loved the Striped Baki Pants so much and she was upset, thinking it had already been reserved. Noticing that, the boyfriend insisted her on trying some other pieces so she would be kept busy while he paid the bill. When I offered to wrap the pants up, he hastily shook his head and immediately hid them in his bag.
    Later at night, he sent a thank-you text telling Xéo Xọ that his girl totally loved it. She kept asking questions about how he had done it since the pants had already been ordered, but he remained silent not revealing what he had done. It has never occurred to me that someone could be that pleasantly surprised by and another could be proud of such a little and simple thing. (And I contributed to making it happen!). Turns out it’s not that difficult to show your beloveds your affection sincerely, (and sometimes artificial things like money could bring happiness).
    This sweet story always reminds me of the fact that there’s a lot of joy hidden in the different jobs you do, even if my salary can only afford me 2 dresses a month.”
    (By Thiều Anh)

    It has been a long time since it happened to Thiều Anh, yet we only heard of it once she posted it on her Facebook. The Xéo Xọ family all love this story and wish to share with our friends, so we take the liberty of keeping this memory here as one of the family treasures. If the guy in the story happen to see this, we are kindly sorry for disclosing your story without permission. Honestly there have been various things happening since we started providing this service, and Xéo Xọ would like to keep record of every little story in our home diary. When we have time, we’ll keep on telling you these little stories.

    Today we’ll tell a sundry fun story that keeps us wondering whether there is any shops to resemble Xéo Xọ. It’s about our lovely assistants, who are all girls and pretty keen on eating.

    To eat is to live, it’s obviously a natural instinct, isn’t it? Yet these ladies snack throughout the day, shifts to shifts, that their greetings completely turned from simple hellos to “Wanna grab some snacks?”. Everytime we pass by the store, we’d notice one of them having snacks in the staff room, leaving the other active in the store. (As in Xéo Xọ policy, eating is not allowed inside except for guests enjoying tea and biscuits.)

    Once there was a lovely girl coming over to shop, and she must have sixth-sensed about the “binge-eating syndrome” of these ladies (not that extreme actually, but still) or noticed some ceaseless staring at her seaweed rolls that she insisted on giving them almost all of her snack, telling that she already had some left for herself. If you are reading this dear lovely friend, please accept our sincere apology. You know what, our girls kept saying that you were so nice for not only buying clothes but also feeding them (whoever gives you food is adorable, right?)

    Undoubtedly, you can talk about summer snacks for hours on end. And these ladies are so caring that they are willing to share food with others. For example, on a decent day, while Giang was in her morning shift, she would tell me to pass by the shop early because she just bought me some jasmine-flavored tofu. Or they always ask other girls to join when they order food. Or there will always be someone ready to ride under the scorching weather across the city just to buy the snacks they are craving for. So cute, isn’t it?

    Our friends usually wonder how Xéo Xọ team could get along with each other so well, like sisters and brothers, which is unlike those of many other stores. Our little secret as simple as treating people with good food (haha). This is also the reason why Xéo Xọ offers visitors tea and snack, for we know great friendship starts from food sharing.

    That’s it. Let’s call it a day, we will be back next time with more stories!

    On the occasion of Xéo Xọ Assorted’s debut, there is a story to tell.

    When Xéo Xọ was humbly sitting at one lane on Tràng Thi Street, the space was quite sparsely furnished with a few things picked up here and there literally and made all from scratch. We bought each piece of wood, ordered the carpenters to build the frame and on one rainy night, tightened all the screws of the shelves by ourselves without a drill machine. It was a real thing, you know, and some of you might have found them shaking, but see, they have been standing still for over a year.

    Most frequently received questions till now have been about the origins of this table set, that TV, or this suitcase and that tea-things. The table set in Xéo Xọ Hà Nội is passed down through generations of my family that we were so confused on being asked where it came from. The TV and the baggages were ones Dad brought home after his trips abroad since he knows his daughter a bit too well. There were times when his gear contained only a few sets of clothes, and some luggage pieces stacked together.

    Until the opening of Xéo Xọ Sài Gòn, we determined that this new home had to resemble the Hanoi’s, so the Saigonese could experience mutual ambience. We did wander around thrift stores regardless of distance to find the same table set as in Hanoi, and although it looks newer and evokes few memories, both of us feel glad as anyone who comes over the store enjoys it.

    Another story to tell is about patterned floor tiles that we’re really into. Although the designs in two locations are different, the store construction was still all about the two girls, who hadn’t concentrated in Math classes when young, being preoccupied in order not to reckon the number of tiles wrong. It was not easy at all. We Xéo Xọ team is interested in sharing with each other whether there is anyone asking about the stores’s ornaments today, and how confused we are not to be able to answer your questions about their origins as explanation given above. Thus from now on, if something at the stores catches your eyes, feel free to hit Message button ‘cause we’d be delighted to let you know where or how to get them. Our pleasure!

    Each day coming to the store, we always feel a bit different. There are days the space is filled with relaxing fragrance of cinnamon or orange essential oil, the other days halcyon sound of Le Cat Trong Ly’s song is playing.

    One day, we were thinking about what you guys would feel when you were here. One said, “It feels so familiar, just like the smell of the house that I stayed when I was small”. The other complimented on our tea and drank instantly 2 cups, which made us wonder at our tea infusion skills because we simply put flavored tea bags into a pot of boiling water.

    The other day when we went out to buy some stuffs, Huong suggested buying a small notebook so visitors could write on their visits. The content is quite diverse now ranging from short poems, pictures to some lines from a guy who came over to shop for his girlfriend. Our friend Dieu even pinned her pieces of memory into it including leaves that she brought back from her travel to Sapa or flowers blooming in front of her house. These little things do make our days.

    On coming over the stores, have yourself at home enjoying the music, taking a few sips of tea, and feel free to leave some words because sometime words are better kept unsaid, but not the time spent with Xeo Xo ;)

    I was playing with some of our postcards when Huong told me this: “Hey, remember Saigon’s Pop-up Sale day, someone threw our postcards away. I saw it left solitary when I was walking down the stairs.”. A disappointment hit me so hard but I did not blame the throwers. “Our postcards are too cute/adorable to be intentionally left alone”, I calmed myself.

    Anyway, our dear sister Yen made our day by sending us an email all the way from France. The subject was “Xeo Xo’s postcards in Toulouse, France” and chi Yen wrote: “This is a friend of mine in Toulouse. I gave her a daisy bush with your postcard attached with it as a thank-you gift because she accomodated me and went out with me. She liked it so much that she instantly detached the frame and replaced one of the current paintings on the wall with it. Here is the photo with it, I took it for you two, Huong and Hang. Have a nice weekend, my babies!”. The email came at 3 in the morning, and I hadn’t gone to sleep yet, and it actually kept me up all night back then. A huge thank from us to our dear sister Yen for bringing our postcards to everywhere you go. We love you!

    There was this pretty little girl that came over today. After having a cup of tea, she was so sad confessing that she just broke up with her boyfriend and decided to go shop the sorrow away.You think, the feelings might be more or less, but it was still a beautiful love story, wasn’t it? If it wasn’t, why two people came together in the first place. So I asked her whether she wanted to tell me her stories or not because I could be a good listener, she denied yet requested to pen some words in your notebook. I handed her the notebook and noticed that it took her quite long to start writing. I was occupied packing her order when she got up to make payment and then left right away. As soon as I remembered about her, the whole afternoon passed by. Looking through the notebook, I was pretty sure about her writing because it was written with the ink that I gave her earlier. My girl, if you happen to come across this post, let the grief take over but do not drown yourself in it. And remember, “Come over when you feel sad/ The birds are still singing in the trees”.

    Hope that there is no an unhappy story left to tell next time.

    There was a friend that messaged Xeo Xo the other day and asked if she could be our franchise in Saigon so Xeo Xo could expand and reach more to customers in the south. Actually we began thinking about this long time ago but haven’t started it yet though some friends have mentioned it, trivially due to both current capability and philosophy of Xeo Xo. Since establishment, Huong and I have been mutually consistent that Xeo Xo would become more than simply a place to shop. Imagine a home where all members share mutual love for feminine clothing, it must be so much fun! We’d love to create a cosy ambiance where everyone could come over to enjoy some tea, have a little chit chat and meet new friends. Some of our friends usually come and bring us random stuffs like a bunch of flowers or a bag of fruits, candies and tea, which bit by bit makes Xeo Xo a real family.

    So yeah, that’s why we have been hesitant to do franchise for we want to make sure you guys would experience the same thing in different locations. Would you have the same good tea at every store, would the franchisees play the same favorite playlists of ours, would you be treated nicely and kindly on pre-, during and post-purchase? It all matters to us, and we want to manage all those things, especially when our products and service receive any complaints. Apologies and resolutions must be done wholeheartedly by our own hands or else we’d have uneasy sleep at night.

    That’s it. Since baby Xeo Xo is not as steady as a rock yet, we would love to know that distant friends continue to support us via online channels. We will try our best to bring Xeo Xo closer to you shortly. In the mean time, let’s warmly welcome these postcards designed by Huong Anh the cutie, with whom Xeo Xo has collaborated to create the most genuine visual experience to you from afar. Each piece of art depicts our features at both stores so you could have one for yourself, as a gift for friends or make it an unique skin under your transparent phone case. Look, how cute!