Laundary Instruction

Bringing the sense of comfort, delicacy and femininity to daily wearing, Xéo Xọ items are mostly made from materials with exceptional characteristics, of which its durability would be guaranteed with dry cleaning.. However, if you are not able to do dry washing frequently, here are a few tips:

  • Hand washing is recommended, in a gentle motion. Do not wring or twist the fabric in order to avoid creasing and shrinking.
  • Separate dark and colored clothes from white ones before washing.
  • Use mild detergent or shampoo for washing, rinse it off thoroughly. Do NOT use strong washing detergent!
  • Remember to straighten out your clothing before air-dry.
  • With linens, set your dryer at low temperature level and remove clothes while slightly damp.
  • Use steam iron on lightweight fabrics. Other normal irons should be at moderately low temperature. The iron presses down the fibers quickly and removes wrinkles faster if items are slightly damp or placed underneath damp towels.
  • The percent of shrinkage in linens is 3-7% after the first wash. However, our materials are finely processed prior to production in order to avoid creasing. ​

We hope these tips will help you out in clothing care. Thank you for loving Xéo Xọ and wish you pleasant experience with us!

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