Inner Beauty

Women in their own colour. Her style, her voice, her manners altogether creates their unique and exclusive beauty, and one can’t be mistaken for the other.
​With this philosophy, Xeo Xo always feel the urge to create pieces of clothes that gives the wearers a high sense of confidence and happiness

Xeo Xo with Mommy

Maternity time is tough yet worth it. However, remember to indulge yourself a little more every day to keep not only yourself but also your baby happy together. Xéo Xọ dresses are loved by its high applicability, soft and airy fabric that can be worn in any occasions of motherhood so do not put them away in the back of your drawer. It’s our pleasure to be a part of your memories

White Orchid

Not anyone who wants could see its blossom, it takes telepathy between the flowers and the beholders, who feel great affection for and treasure the charm of the flowers. Inspired by Orchids’ appeal, particularly four kinds of white orchid: Moth, Michelia, Dendrobium draconis and Magnolia, Summer Orchids Collection has its patterns exclusively designed by painter Xuan Lam.

Soul of the sea

The melody of the sea is beyond the sound of the waves or the wind. It brings us an invaluable peaceful and relaxing state of mind. Inspired by those lilting melodies, this collection focuses on dresses made from lightweight, breathable and airy fabrics that help you chill out during the summer.

Oriental Hours

To embrace a new year full of luck ahead, we introduce an Oriental style photo album of this spring-summer designs.


Friends, You all must have been familiar with the typical materials used in almost all our collections – sensual and light at the first touch. And in the summer, fabric rolls with such texture and vibrant colors are our top favorite pick for you to enjoy the sun. Arrosa is a limited summer collection as the introduction to our new material this year. It promised to be easier in either use or style, and also less complicated in laundry.
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